In order to keep some order around here, I thought up a brilliant plan. A Schedule! We live and die by our work schedule, so why not try it here on the ol’ blog too. ┬áKeeps me on my toes! (Bad dancer joke, sorry.)

I will try and post new blog posts Monday Wednesday and Friday.

Monday will be “Maintenance Monday.” It will include tips tricks, and overall general maintenance advice for your home or office.

Wednesday will be “Where we are at Wednesday.” It will include pictures around town and some of the “in construction” jobs we are currently working on.

Friday will be “Foodie Friday.” Because who doesn’t love food? These recipes will involve things you may have grown in your garden, picked up at your local Farmers Market, outdoor dining areas, or can be cooked in your outdoor kitchen and grill.

I hope you enjoy these topics and please feel free to send a message if there are some ideas and topics you would love to see up here. Also, if you have a favorite recipe to share, send it on over!! I would love to hear about it.

To kick things off here on Wednesday, here is a project we just finished.

The Client had a vacant building. The City of Fort Collins was not happy about its current conditions. We were asked to come in and do a complete rehab, touching all of the beds, pruning and replacing trees, and ripping out dead plants. We also rebuilt a failing retaining wall and reestablished the entire irrigation system. The Client now has a new tenant in the building ready to open and brand new landscape.

IMG_1806 IMG_1818 IMG_2031 IMG_2044 IMG_2046