The first day of Spring is fast approaching.

Like this Thursday approaching. Eek!!!!

Bringing with it all of the things we love. For instance, the feel of soft new grass through bare feet, potting up annual flowers, and Saturday nights spent in only a sweatshirt around the fire pit.

In honor of the first day of Spring, here are a few things we love this time of year.

 This Wreath is simply amazing. The colors and the shape are totally unique and the hydrangea and tulips scream Spring.

The shape of this Birdhouse  is great for those who’s style tends more toward the modern. The price is pretty amazing too.

For our daughter’s birthday this year she was gifted a Fairy Garden. This book has tons of fun ideas.

Spring for us means Baby Chicks. Can’t wait for ours to come into our local Feed Store.

We love Rain Chains. They work wonders on houses in place of downspouts, and look great too.

We can’t live without our Weather Station. Colorado weather is up and down this time of the year.  Cold and windy one day, warm and sunny the next.