• by deltav
  • · August 21, 2013


WWAA 821Where We Are At Wednesday continues this week with work continuing at a neighbor’s house for their Family Reunion. It sure is really nice to have the guys working so close to home. Pretty sure they are getting spoiled in the process. They can pop in and out for snacks or breaks, and even not feel the need to drag everything including the kitchen sink with them in the work trailer in the morning since the shop is right up the road if they need it. Just a quick skid steer drive away.

We are almost done with this project. Final pics should come next week since the Reunion is this weekend. The metal fence and wooden pergola are almost done and the handrails are going on the deck that wasn’t finished by the previous contractor. No handrails on a full flight of stairs from the 2nd level = SCARY!

The grass and plants are taking nicely, and the brown mulch really makes the plants pop.

We built some raised beds and they are empty and ready to go off the kitchen for Spring planting. There is even a nice view of Long’s Peak to add to the backdrop while tending the plants. We added some drip irrigation to the beds to run off the sprinkler timer. This makes things easier on the owners and their busy schedules at the horse ranch.

A big sandbox completes the picture so any kiddos hanging out have a chance to play and do some digging themselves. “Pokey” the donkey has even been known to come over to the other side of the fence ready to play, or beg for food. :0)

Speaking of kids, just because they have gone back to school doesn’t mean the landscape season is over. Labor day is just around the corner, and there is still plenty of time to enjoy your outside spaces before the nights get too dark and chilly. ¬†Garden Centers and Nurseries are running great sales on plants and the cooler weather makes for better establishment. You can snag some pretty good deals on those plants you meant to get installed before crazy summer schedules took over.

See ya next week with finish pictures!